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2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Review

When we take a look on LaFerrari which had his first generation released in 2013 we know that he`s produced primarily to be successor of Enzo and F50 as two great Ferrari`s models. LaFerrari was the first model that received his power from hybrid engine and that`s something that makes the customers remember him. This new 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari will receive a lot of upgrade, mostly in engine compartment but we can`t forget to mention amazing exterior design that he`s going to have.

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Exterior and Interior
Exterior design of new 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari is typical Ferrari, something that everybody will imagine when you mention Ferrari. It will have amazing shape and his shape will do great business because it`s going to help him increase power and speed, what Ferrari`s engineers wants him to do, to become world’s leader in sport cars markets. One of the most beautiful headlights ever seen on a car will be placed on new LaFerrari and they`ll use newest LED lamps inside for better visibility. The thing that is most visible on his exterior, especially on his front part are huge air intakes which will definitely cool the engine effectively. As every new sport car do, new Ferrari LaFerrari will had it`s chassis made primarily from carbon fiber with help of aluminum.

Interior design of new 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari is huge mystery for all of us because we haven`t had an opportunity to see it or to hear something about it. What we know about it is that he`s going to have enough room for two passengers inside and both of them will enjoy in great sporty designed seats, made of leather probably. Entire cabin should have all of it`s functions driver oriented and simpler to use them.

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Engine

Most of the details about his engine are just a speculations because Ferrari still didn`t revealed anything about it. We`ve heard that new 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari will be powered by 6.3-liter V12 engine that will work together with two electric motors.
This great combination will give him power of around 963 horses. Using this kind of engine, new LaFerrari will go from 0-120 mph in just 6.7 seconds. Those are all information`s we have about the engine compartment of new LaFerrari but we`ll keep you in touch.

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Price and Release date

As you could imagine, new 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari will be produced in limited series, only 500 pieces will be produced, and we think that he can`t be available before the summer of 2017 while his starting price is estimated to around USD $1.7 million.


2017 Koenigsegg One 1 Review

When someone mentions Swedish automotive market, the very first considered of most of us is definitely the Volvo Corporation. Even so, there is certainly also a company that makes a little something various vehicles, much more precisely supercars. It title is Koenigsegg, and was founded in 1994. The final model, which caused the great interest even in advance of making is Koenigsegg One 1. This supercar is probably the most strong within the planet, and why is this so, you might read beneath. For any start off it ought to be noted that the auto is sold out though it’s not at all developed. Yes, it truly is achievable! Thinking about that production will cover only six units, not surprisingly, it had been straightforward to uncover rich men and women who genuinely want this automobile. In accordance to rumors circulating, two vehicles were sold in Britain, as well as the remaining four in China. The model is named soon after the proportion – one particular HP per kilogram. With massive engine strength, uncommon identify and minimal volume production, this motor vehicle is now some type of a legend from the automotive globe.

Let’s start from your name, which can be meant to get pronounced as being a ratio, as in one-to-one, as an alternative to one-one. The title is ambiguous, considering that it refers to each the car’s metric electrical power output of one megawatt (or 1341 horsepower, when running on that E85 alcohol-gasoline blend) and its perfectly balanced power-to-metric-weight ratio – as in 1.0 kilogram to 1.0 PS (or Pferdestarke, which equals 0.986 horsepower).


With Koenigsegg A single 1, the manufacturer has managed to cut back the vehicle’s fat, significantly maximize bottom end torque, top rated end electrical power and braking efficiency. They’ve also introduced new tire engineering and even more than 500kg added downforce.
The One particular one is outfitted with sophisticated large modulus carbon fibre chassis with F1 type honeycomb core and integrated fuel tanks for optimum fat distribution and security.

The vehicle’s monocoque torsional rigidity is 65,000 Nm/degree. It’s double wishbones, lively trip height handle and bevel carbon fibre springs with variable spring ratio.
It sits on Koenigsegg Aircore carbon wheels (front – 19” x 9.5”, rear – 20” x 12.5”) with center locking.
Another options the 1:1 si equipped with are triplex damper inside the rear, needle bearings and o-ringed wishbone bushings, entirely machined aerospace grade aluminium uprights with SKF LeMans specification 150mm angle get hold of ball bearings, GKN hollow/gun-drilled driveshaft and Z-style progressive and lightweight anti-roll bars front and rear.

The rich interior of your Koenigsegg One 1 consists of light-weight glass process, electrical power windows, adjustable pedals and steering column, One 1 stitching, adjustable light fat race seats, carbon ceramic brakes, Sport ABS, ESC, energetic trip height, power steering, power brakes, six level racing seatbelts, intelligent LifePo4 battery, USB connection, climate control, digital warning and information method, G sensor, alarm, tire monitoring system, proximity important, automobile cover in addition to a rear view camera.


The One 1 is powered by aluminum 5.0-liter 4-cylinder V8, double overhead camshafts with flex-fuel capability. It delivers more than one thousand Nm from 3000 to 8000 rpm of torque (greatest torque becoming 1371 Nm at 6000 rpm).
The vehicle’s capable of creating acceleration of 0-400 km/h (0-250 mph) in jaw-dropping 20 s, 0-60 mph(0-100 km/h) in 2.5 sec. It decreases the speed of 400-0 km/h in only tens, and its braking distance is 28 m (100-0 km/h).

Another engine and functionality functions that may curiosity the enthusiasts comply with: the compression of 9.0:1, one.eight bar increase pressure, sequential, multipoint fuel injection and carbon-fiber consumption manifold with optimized intake tracts.

Only six units of Koenigsegg One 1 were released and instantly offered through the price of $2,500,000,

LAMBORGHINI Sesto Elemento

2017 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Review

The world expected Lamborghini to unveil its Murciélago replacement at this year’s Paris auto show—production of the wildest bull has already ended—but the supercar maker chose instead to tease us with this concept, saving its new flagship for next March’s Geneva auto show. Ah, you must now be thinking, so this smaller car previews a Gallardo replacement! Nope, it’s not that either.

What, then, is the Sesto Elemento? Let's have a look at the exterior first. Despite the mid-engine layout, this concept seems compact, with a very short rear overhang. Wedgy shapes are typical for Lamborghini, but this car is even more extreme than the super-angular Reventón, the ultra-low-volume Murciélago spinoff from a few years ago. A plethora of spoilers, air vents, and triangular elements protrude from or perforate its body. There is a racing-type quick-refueling system. The rear end is open, to give spectators a clear view of the transmission and the exhaust system, the latter of which, remarkably, exits through the engine cover above the taillights.

The front end and roof are marked by sharp, seemingly folded creases, and the rear part of the roof is graced by two intake ducts and two parallel lines of five holes arranged above the cylinder banks. Below the ten openings sits, obviously, a V-10. The hexagonal shape of these elements is a nod to an obsession of former Bertone designer Marcello Gandini, who penned the Miura and Countach.
Seems Familiar and Futuristic

Despite an overt familiarity to its shape, the Sesto Elemento is nevertheless detached from the brand's current styling language. The wild details turn it into something you’d expect only in a video game, or in some crazy tuner's showroom, but not quite from Lamborghini, not after the brand has been working hard to overcome the styling clichés of its past. In fact, we hear there was a considerable amount of discussion within Lamborghini and at parent Audi about showing such an extreme concept car. In the end, the view prevailed that it wouldn't hurt to deviate a bit from the production models' somewhat aloof and architectonic proportions and design—traits that will apply to that Murciélago replacement, by the way.

One of the most striking features of the Sesto Elemento is that its entire body is constructed from visible, matte-finish carbon fiber (the so-called "sixth element” indicated by translating the concept’s name from Italian), as expensive a material as it is light. In fact, the curb weight of the entire car is claimed to be a mere 2200 pounds. That's 1100 fewer than our estimated curb weight for the supposedly “superlight” Gallardo Superleggera.
Wicked Quick
Combine the low weight with the V-10’s 570 hp at 8000 rpm—torque stands at 398 lb-ft at 6500 rpm—and performance should be explosive; Lamborghini says the car is capable of reaching 62 mph in 2.5 seconds. Top speed—only mentioned, says Lambo, "in the interests of completeness,” as top speed has been downgraded to the fourth-highest priority for its products—is said to be “well over 185 mph.” We suspect this modesty belies a terminal velocity north of 200 mph.

The use of carbon fiber extends beyond exterior panels: The passenger-holding monocoque, front subframe, crumple zones, and wheels are made of the material as well. The rear subframe, by contrast, is made of aluminum. Most anything else has simply been omitted. There is no dashtop—the underlying structure itself is laid bare—and the seat cushions are glued to the monocoque. One element we wish had been included is a clutch pedal. The Sesto Elemento is equipped with the e-gear six-speed automated manual transmission; power runs through it to Lambo’s all-wheel-drive system.
Foreshadows Future Lambos
If the sinister design won’t redefine Lamborghini styling, the Sesto Elemento is nevertheless significant as a rolling testament to the brand’s commitment to carbon fiber; all future Lambos will make extensive use of the stuff. AWD systems and heavy, ten- and twelve-cylinder engines take their toll on curb weights, and eliminating hundreds of pounds through the use of carbon fiber will give Lamborghini a potent weapon in the fight to create the most extreme supercars.

It's good politically for the brand within the VW Group, too. With its sales numbers taking a dive, Lamborghini needs another leg to stand on, and carbon-fiber expertise will for the first time make the raging bull a technology leader among VW’s brands. Lamborghini is working with the University of Washington in Seattle to develop its carbon-fiber tech, and aircraft maker Boeing is a partner in the university's Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory, too.
Yes, we were hoping to see the next Murciélago, but we’ll admit the Sesto Elemento is one hell of a substitute, and it further raises our expectations for the next production Lambo. This thing is so over the top, it’s almost too much—just as any proper Lamborghini should be.

FERRARI F60 America

2017 Ferrari F60 America Review

In front of an ecstatic crowd and a very proud owner, the first Ferrari F60 America was delivered today during the 25th annual Palm Beach Cavallino Classic.

The car was first introduced in 2014 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Ferrari in America, and it is, in fact, an open-top version of the insane F12 Berlinetta, with some adjustments here and there.

The F60’s bodywork is inspired by the 1967 275 GTS- 4 NART and it comes with a fresh aluminum body, unique front and rear bumpers, deeper side strakes, redesigned hood, more pronounced winglets and a rigorously aero-designed back end.

It also features a lightweight fabric roof that can be raised or lowered at speeds up to 75 mph (120 km/h), two leather-wrapped roll bars with carbon fiber-trimmed flying buttresses, five-spoke alloy wheels and special 6th Anniversary Prancing Horse badge on the wheel arches and the center tunnel in the cabin.

The exterior is finished in Blu Nart with a center white stripe, inspired by the famous livery of Luigi Chinetti’s NART outfit.

As you sit in the car, you feel like a leather American flag is embracing you. The dual-tone interior is designed asymmetrically, with the driver’s side finished with red trim and upholstery, while the passenger’s accommodations are black. Stripes on the seats reminiscent of Stars and Stripes complete the theme.

Under the hood lies the hardcore 6.3-liter V12 engine from the F12, which produces 730 horsepower and 509 lb-ft (690 Nm) of torque, linked to a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. The F60 sprints from a standstill to 62 mph (0-100 km/h) in 3.1 seconds and has a top speed of over 200 mph (322 km/h).

Proportional with its rarity is also the price. Each owner had to pay USD $2.5 million for the opportunity to have this incredible machine in their collection. Americans are known for their patriotism, and as the car is an homage to their country, we suppose customers paid the requested sum without too much thinking.

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2017 Bugatti Veyron Review

A genuine auto beaus anxiously anticipate the new Bugatti, which should surface in 2017.
The new model will be the successor of Bugatti Veyron display, yet will exchange inside another way. As it is recognized formally, Bugatti makes the speediest auto on the earth – Veyron. This characterization of autos – hypercars (supercars) is planned just for people which has a lot of support and much of the time more money. On this class are: McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder, that have already showed up in the release of the cross breed auto. Fabricating office of electrical autos Tesla protected supercharge prepare for charging electric fueled autos. Various organizations have purchased this patent and we are presently anticipating the intrusion of the half breed and electrical autos.

2017 Bugatti Veyron Design 

Inside the mystery specialist tries discharged here you can see the specific sensible mold without bounds 2017 Bugatti Veyron. Unquestionably, with the finish up including 2017 it is outer surfaces configuration could be enhanced, still we're ready to likely at present have the update basically quite recently solely how the specific supercar can show simply like. It can be additionally valuable that these test out burros float witness some kind of derogation distributed on the present era varieties.

In any case, permit's condition a thing regarding assessment burros based for the German Nurburgring track. The light sort that could be considered educated above other than underneath offers various odd structures for the returning, alongside We are not really precisely specific absolutely what are those individuals made utilization of for. Potentially various acknowledging models for inspecting the specific auto's execution. Connected with practice program, this wouldn't be incorporated into the creation variant. The dim form, that you can observe towards the end in this article, looks significantly additionally being a definite form on the fresh out of the box new 2017 Bugatti Veyron.

2017 Bugatti Veyron Engine Specs

In understanding to gossipy tidbits which were coursing the web, the new Buggati will probably be a half and half. New Bugatti Veyron will have eight.0-liter V16 motor with very nearly one. The curiosity is that it will have an additional electrical engine of five hundred hp. Full power will aggregate to one,479 hp. Most elevated speed of the current Veyron auto was around 286 mph (460 kmh). The new model will in all likelihood have a somewhat higher speed, and shield the outstanding increasing speed from 0 – sixty mph from the extremely popular two.6 seconds. This raises the worry of independence of electric motor. This self-sufficiency will likely be at least 150 miles (250 km).

2017 Bugatti Veyron Price and Release Date

The freshest Bugatti Veyron glimpse inside starting 2017. Till and afterward association can offer the last 15 Bugatti Veyron auto (toward the begin of 2017 it really is composed that will you will have produced income including 450). It's not really still recognized if the fresh out of the plastic new sort can even now keep the specific title Veyron, yet as much as that period, for individuals like us, they will keep on being some kind of Bugatti Veyron 2017.
Taken a toll simply isn't in any case recognized, yet it truly will unmistakably potentially be justified regardless of the last Bugatti. Along these lines, unless you incorporate no less than 1500000 dollars, you'll have the capacity to only dream of the present day sort. Buggati, in any case, it isn't only the auto, yet bit of workmanship. The individual who will purchase this auto covets the best execution and also the immense appear on the auto. Whoever purchases this auto needs the top notch execution and the ideal look of the auto. The agent of the marque Bugatti is Volkswagen association, since 1998.
Price is about USD$ 3,4 million

LYKAN Hypersport

2017 Lykan Hypersport Review

Remember the Lykan Hypersport? It’s the Arabian supercar from W Motors that makes Ferraris and Lamborghinis look like a freaking Pinto.

It’s the one that manages to squeeze 750 horsepower out of a 3.8-liter flat six for 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. The car whose body is completely carbon fiber and has headlights encrusted with diamonds. The interior has a holographic display and you use hand gestures to control it.

It’s the car that has over 100 orders, but they’re only making 7. At $3,400,000 each.

Coupe Only
Carbon Composite Body
Unique W Motors Styling
Exclusive Exterior Paint Schemes

Boxer Type, 228.6 in 3, 3746 cc Flat 6
Twin Turbocharger with Independent Intercooler
Mid-Rear mounted engine
Rear Wheel Drive
Fully Catalyzed, stainless steel exhaust system with active bypass valves
Max Power 581.6KW (780hp) at 7100 rpm
Max Torque 960Nm at 4000 rpm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 2.8 sec
Acceleration 0-200 km/h (0-125 mph) in 9.4 sec
Maximum Speed 385 km/h (240 mph) (dependent on the gear ratios)
Six Speed Sequential Gear
Seven Speed Dual Clutch PDK
Limited Slip Differential
Transversely Rear Mounted

Front Axle: McPherson-strut, anti-roll bar
Rear Axle: Multi-link suspension, horizontal coil over shock absorbers, anti-roll bar

6 Piston aluminium mono-bloc calipers ventilated, cross drilled ceramic composite discs
Brake Disc Diameter: 15 / 15 in (380 / 380 mm)
Brake Disc Thickness: 1.3 / 1.3 in (34 / 34 mm)
Anti-lock Braking System, Bosch ABS 8.0
Traction Control (TC)

Wheels & Tires
Lightweight forged aluminium wheels
Front Wheels:8.5″ x 19″
Back Wheels: 12.5″ x 20″
Front Tires: 255/35 ZR 19
Back Tires: 335/30 ZR 20

Carbon Fiber Center Console Finish
Dual-Stage Driver/Passenger Front Airbags
Electric Exterior Mirrors
Heated Rear Screen
Automatic Temperature Control
Trip Computer
Bluetooth® Telephone Preparation
Satellite Navigation System
Rear View Camera
Alarm (with volumetric and tilt sensor) and immobilizer
3G Internet Router
Remote Control Central Door Locking and Boot Release
Tracking Device (Upon Request)
LED Ambient Lighting
9″ Holographic Mid-Air Display with Interactive Motion
Gesture Recognition (Virtual Sensors)
Customizable Digital Dashboard (ID4Motion)
Premium Sound System
Integrated Hard Drive
Mp3 Media Player
Special W Motors Seats with Carbon Fiber Shell
Integrated Side Airbags

Length:4495 mm (175 in)
Width: 1995 mm (76.5 in)
Height:1180 mm (45 in)
Wheelbase: 2625 mm (103.3 in)
Front Track: 1506 mm (59.3 in)
Back Track: 1585 mm (62.4 in)
Estimated Kerb Weight: 1400 kg

Fuel Consumption (Liters/100km (mpg))
Urban: 20.0
Non-Urban: 9.9
Combined: 13.5
CO2 Emission (g/kg): 311
Efficiency Category: G


2017 Lamborghini Veneno Review

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 created a new mysterious vehicle to celebrate it’s 50th Wedding anniversary, and this is actually the newest version of it: the Lamborghini Veneno 2017 top speed. This minimal manufacturing powerful car makes other luxurious automobiles appear to be youngster toys and games. You can also watched Mazda MX-5 2017 here.

Priced at about $4.5 million, the Lamborghini Veneno 2017 top gear is finished in gray and has Italian flag colors – eco-friendly, reddish and white – on either side. The motor is the fact that used with the Aventador, a 6.6 L V13 that produces 760 PS (750 bhp)… wow! The Lamborghini Veneno 2017 sound will come in a 2-door coupe or even a 2-doorway roadster, using a 7-speed semi-automated transmission. You can also see Bentley Mulsanne 2017 here.

Lamborghini Veneno grip Listed below are the functional specifications from the new Lamborghini Veneno 2017 on road: using a 6.5 liter aspirated V12 motor as well as a leading velocity of 355 km/h, this Lamborghini Veneno specs idea car symbolizes status-of-the-art work design and style influenced by aeronautics, able to providing you with the indescribable feeling of flying on the road. You can also watched BMW 7 Series 2017 here.

This Lamborghini Veneno horsepower powerful sports car is characterized by ideal aerodynamics to guarantee stability in a dashing figure and a conduct just like a racing prototype. Lamborghini Veneno brakes All of this on an automobile devised for the street. The perfect vehicle for sporting activities-driving lovers. You can see Lamborghini Centenario Car 2017 here.


Engine power 720 Horsepower
Engine: 6.5L V-12
Curb weight: 4,196 lbs
Max torque: 689 Nm
Lamborghini Veneno 2017 STEERING TYPE:
Hydraulic assisted power steering
Electronic Stability Control
Double wishbone fully independent suspension

Wheel Dimensions:
Front Wheel Size: 19″, 9″ width
Rear Wheel Size: 20″, 12″ width

Design & Material:
Polycarbonate fiber
Designer: Felipe Perini
Assembly Plant: Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy
Transmission: 7 speed semi-automatic
Layout: mid-engine, all wheel drive
Hydraulic assisted power steering


LENGTH 197.64 in
WIDTH 81.69 in
HEIGHT 45.87 in

Driver, passenger, side and kneels air bags.

Lamborghini Veneno 2017 price $4.5 million